The fastest of fast-track schedules are often on casino and stadium developments. Working under the constraints of enclosing a casino tower so the rooms may open for booking or finishing a stadium in time for a season-opener is precisely the type of pressure when Enclos operations teams thrive. Utilizing unitized curtainwall is an excellent way for these large projects to balance the speed of installation along with quality and economy. Though the schedules progress quickly on casinos, stadiums, and arenas, it is essential to have early communication regarding the primary structure and continually reiterate the importance of safety in each step of the facade delivery.


million+ square feet
of facade area





Enclos had a remarkable ability to analyze and turn around design concepts with incredible speed. As an architect, we could be studying multiple small variations of a single form, and understanding the cost and constructability issues and efficiencies of each very quickly. This allowed us to make concrete decisions and progress the design with owner and architect buy-in.

Will Hon, Associate, MANICA Architecture

Vice President – Southwest Operations | Mike Coulter

Mike holds over three decades of experience in the glass and glazing industry. Since joining Enclos in 1998, Coulter has been integral to operations in the southwest, quickly ascending into a leadership role that includes oversight of Allegiant Stadium and Resorts World Las Vegas.

mcoulter@enclos.com | 702-963-0721 


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