Our Core Values

PEOPLE FIRST We foster a workplace environment that is inclusive and respectful of others by cultivating meaningful connections through empathy, trust, and time spent together. We embrace a culture of mentorship and support professional development through continued training. We are actively committed to the well-being of our coworkers and of those who live in the communities where we live and work.

SAFETY All incidents and injuries are preventable, and we are committed to mitigating risks during every project stage and setting. We strive to engineer the safest work environment possible through our innovative systems designs, thorough means and methods planning, administrative controls, and our Work Safe, Home Safe culture.

HUMILITY We empower and give credit to one another, value diverse skillsets, and acknowledge everyone’s unique perspective while working toward a shared goal. Effective collaboration is built on respect with open communication. We recognize work is most rewarding when we succeed together.

ACCOUNTABILITY We are responsible for our words, actions, integrity, and understand others rely on us. We take ownership of our performance and ensure all decisions honor our commitment to quality for our projects and clients.

CURIOSITY Creativity and inquisitive thinking allow us to envision and redefine our existing capabilities to fulfill emerging client needs. We strive to utilize industry-leading equipment and technology to execute our project delivery and shape the world in which we build. We provide opportunities for employees to research relevant topics of interest and share our knowledge, contributing to the overall growth of the facade industry.

BIG PICTURE We recognize that transparent communication encourages participation and commitment to the overall goals and vision of the company. Employees understand the larger strategic picture and are mindful of how their actions and decisions impact the overall performance of the organization.


Enclos recognizes that fostering an inclusive and equitable culture is critical to advancing the company and the industry. Enclos is committed to engage, recruit, and retain the best talent by creating initiatives that welcome all individuals and encourage them to perform as their authentic selves.



Enclos’ Corporate Philanthropy Program (CPP) encourages, coordinates and promotes charitable opportunities between the employees of Enclos and their local communities. We encourage office locations to be involved in community-based projects to reinforce Enclos’ Core Values by participating and giving back to their surrounding communities.


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Regional offices explored local opportunities where employees combined skill sets and passions that could make a difference in their communities from organizing and filling backpacks with school supplies, volunteering time to coach for special needs events, to organizing and distributing food supplies to those in need.