Managing the project delivery process is the core strength of Enclos and one of the primary reasons for our many sustained, long-term relationships with developers, general contractors, and architects. Our operations teams’ guiding focus is a vigilant commitment to schedule, quality, and costs to ensure we deliver the enclosure scope on time. This focus starts early on with operational involvement during preconstruction services, providing continuity of accountability throughout the project’s delivery. It is this process and commitment of operational continuity – that Enclos has developed and refined through the successful completion of hundreds of remarkably diverse façade and curtain wall installations – that mitigates the inherent risk of challenging building projects by enhancing the predictability of performance, schedule, and costs.


Before the first unit arrives on site, extensive work is done behind the scenes by Enclos to ensure the enclosure scope is successfully delivered. Driven by our project management leadership, design development, means and methods planning, production engineering, fabrication, and assembly are orchestrated to prepare a backlog of completed units for future delivery to site.


The complex logistics of a project’s delivery process are managed by experienced, empowered project management personnel who have received extensive training and years of on-the-job experience before being entrusted to lead a project. Our people understand the critical importance of delivering on time and budget.


Enclos project management is committed to casting a wide net of material suppliers and manufacturing solutions to ensure we provide our clients with the quality and economy specific to each project. With such a variety of materials finding their way into the architecture of building envelopes, our teams have developed an extensive network of vendor relationships across the globe. Enclos has successfully provided project materials and services from diverse areas of North America, Europe, and Asia on dozens of domestic projects.


For projects where domestic supply is advantageous or desired, Enclos has both dedicated fabrication and assembly facilities, as well as qualified domestic suppliers. It is not uncommon for final assembly to occur within regional proximity to the building site. This layered manufacturing approach provides unparalleled flexibility in delivery.


Years of experience delivering complex unitized enclosures has led to our detailed quality assurance and quality control programs. Whether it is in an Enclos shop, or that of a qualified supplier, the paramount objective is to identify and resolve all matters of quality and tolerance before the material leaving the shop. These detailed QA/QC programs are adopted and customized for the unique design and delivery characteristics of each project, providing confidence to our field installation crews that they will be able to install efficiently.


Everyone involved in construction understands the importance of the building site and coordination amongst contracting trades. The site is where everything must come together. Therefore, all predecessor activities – design, engineering, fabrication, assembly and delivery – must anticipate unique site- specific requirements and developing effective installation strategies to assure optimum on site performance.


Field operations are a core strength of Enclos and the attribute for which we are most widely recognized by the building community. Our performance on the building site mitigates risk for both the design and build teams; helping architects realize their design intent while assisting general contractors in maintaining project schedules. It is because of this reputation for performance on the building site that Enclos has been awarded many projects as well as many return customers.


Enclos is proud to have a long and productive relationship with both the ironworker and glazier unions in each region. We manage our field operations through a mobile group of superintendents, and with national support, we train our field teams, ensure compliance with best practices, promote safety and quality standards, and coordinate with labor unions. Our talented union crews most effectively differentiate us from our competition on the building site.


Enclos employees are uncompromising about the health and safety of themselves and their teammates. Our #1 priority each day is to ensure that every Enclos employee returns home safely. We believe that the safest jobs are the most profitable and productive, and refuse to make compromises in that regard. We place safety as the highest priority in all we do!