Developing facade systems for governmental facilities is the most secure and confidential of any building type our teams encounter. Technically, our designers and engineers balance multiple performance requirements beyond environmental loads, including blast, ballistic, forced-entry, and ground-accessible penetration requirements. Additionally, these facilities have taller floor-to-floor heights than conventional office structures, resulting in deeper and more robust unitized curtainwall systems on government buildings. Enclos project management understands navigating the coordination, confidentiality, and heightened security required to construct an architectural courthouse, embassy, or other government facilities during procurement and construction.


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GSA projects

Adam Peine, Executive Vice President – East Operations

Over two decades, Peine has overseen operations on multiple General Services Administration and Department of Defense Projects, including the NGA Campus East, NGA Next West (forthcoming), and the Dove Federal Building. Prior to joining Enclos, Peine spent six years serving in the United States Army.  |   717-335-1797


Dan Green, Executive Vice President – West Operations

With over four decades of industry experience and experience completing three federal courthouses – San Diego, Seattle, and Phoenix – Dan is seasoned at methodically navigating the technical approval process, procurement, and construction on large projects that require sensitivity to multiple stakeholders. Green is responsible for operational oversight of the West Region.  |  909-413-6402


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