A Culture of Learning

Our L.E.A.D. philosophy encompasses fostering a Culture of Learning for all employees. What does it mean to L.E.A.D.?


The philosophy behind LEAD is to keep employees, career coaches and managers actively engaged throughout the employee’s entire career journey. Through encouraging frequent feedback and fostering a culture that supports continuous development.

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The importance of LEAD in our culture of learning.

LEARN – each employee will understand his/her job responsibilities and expectations, know what knowledge, skills and behaviors correlate to superior performance, and be familiar with the career path opportunities related to his/her position.


ENGAGE – with the support of the manager/career coach and People + Culture, each employee will identify specific job knowledge, skills and competencies for development.


ADVISE – together the employee, manager/career coach and People + Culture will create a career development action plan specific to the employee’s development needs and goals.


DEVELOP – through quarterly check-in discussions, managers/career coaches will monitor development of the employee through observation and timely feedback.



The SOAR Program was developed to provide training to individuals that are either brand new
or just beginning their construction project management careers within our industry. The SOAR Program consists of rotational experience that will give you exposure to several functional areas within Enclos. These functional areas include Design, Estimating, Engineering, Shop, Field and Project Management.

As you rotate through each of these segments, much of your learning will be on-the-job and supplemented with on-line learning opportunities presented to you through our in-house learning portal, Cornerstone Learning. The key to the SOAR Program is taking the experiences you learn and effectively apply them in your daily work activities. This unique training experience is like no other – SOAR with Enclos!



Our goal with our internship program is to provide a well-rounded experience that will help students transition their skill set from academia to professional development. It is designed to provide opportunities for individuals to learn, engage and develop the skills necessary to be successful in our industry. Interns will work to build foundational skills in specific areas as defined by their specific program that include engineering/design, project management, field management, manufacturing, and much more.