Insight 02

The Studio’s second publication examines facade retrofits, double skins, cable net walls, textile studies, field mechanization, buy american requirements, component optimization design, sealed cavity walls, blast performance of structural glazing, cassette wall systems, phantom modeling in BIM, and case studies.

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Chapter 1 | Facade Retrofits: The Dilemma of Highly Glazed High-Rise Facades
The infrastructure and energy problem of aging mid-20th century buildings.

Chapter 2 | Seeing Double
Mechanics, applications and trends of double skin facades.

Chapter 3 | Sustainable Facade in Tension
A vertical cable wall case study.

Chapter 4 | Potential in Textiles: Space, Surface and Structure of Crochet
A study of building form through textiles.

Chapter 5 | Field Mechanization for Cladding Installation
Field installation techniques and strategies.

Chapter 6 | Project Spotlight: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
Case study of the 2011 RIBA International Award winning project.

Chapter 7 | Buy American Requirements in a Globalized Economy
Communicating Simplifying Buy American statutes in a post-recession market.

Chapter 8 | Optimization in Component Design
Structural optimization techniques for curtainwall products.

Chapter 9 | Sealed Cavity Walls
Managing the fluid dynamics, heat-transfer and water vapor of a building facade.

Chapter 10 | Blast Performance of Structural Glazing
Analysis methods for architectural blast design.

Chapter 11 | Cassette Wall System
A study of modular facade systems and solutions.

Chapter 12 | Phantom Modeling in BIM
The interoperability of 3D models shared by an entire project team.