SkinTec’s Most Read of 2018

Monday, December 3, 2018

In hindsight, 2018 was a vital year for SkinTec, focusing on technical concepts to educate the industry. From featuring the construction of a cutting-edge skyscraper in New York City to introducing adaptability to a building program by implementing kinetic facade features.

 As we switch gears and transition into 2019, let’s look back at some of this year’s most read features.

Behind the Scenes at 53W53 on the Science Channel


The Science Channel aired its third episode, Super Skyscraper, of BUILDING GIANTS on Thursday, January 18th featuring the construction progress of 53W53 — NYMoma Tower. Once complete, 53W53 will be one of the tallest residential towers in New York.

Building Seattle’s Treehouse

Enclos crews install 2,643 triangular glass units on The Spheres. This time-lapse video shows the mega-frame lifts that used creative counterweight techniques to pivot the 105 large pentagonal assemblies of steel, aluminum, and glass from flat, to their final orientation.

Kinetic Enclosures

This year we released, KINETIC ENCLOSURES an animation that diagrams various forms of motion possible in facades and the mechanisms that drive the movement. Part 1: Vertical Lift Walls.

The Life of Curtainwall: From Billet to Building

Take a closer look at Enclos’ installation strategies in the animated sequence: From Billet to Building.

Part 1: Manufacture and Fabrication
Part 2: Float Glass
Part 3: Insulated Glass Unit
Part 4: Curtainwall Assembly
Part 5: Curtainwall Installation

Download a print version here.

NMAAHC Wins AIA New York 2018 Design Award

The 2018 Design Awards were recently announced by AIA New York with the National Museum of African American History and Culture taking Best in Competition. The NMAAHC has been the recipient of several awards, view the complete list here.

600 Massachusetts Wins Craftsmanship Award of 2018

Enclos’ project team on 600 Massachusetts Ave is the receipt of the Washington Building Congress’ Craftsmanship Award in the Doors + Windows category.

Greene Science Center Named Project of the Year by Women Builders Council

Phase 1A of Columbia’s Manhattanville’s campus — which includes the Jerome L. Greene Science Center — was announced Project of the Year by the Women Builders Council.

Novel Uses of Metrology

As geometries in the building envelope increase incomplexity, its is paramount that materials arriving onsite are precise in shape. To ensure such precision, laser tracking is implemented for quality control efforts in the shop.

Glass Magazine’s Top 50 Glaziers

Glass Magazine names Enclos as one of the Top 50 Glaziers of 2018. The magazine ranks each company based on sales revenue and then filters them into sales categories.