Insight 03

In this third edition of Insight, the Studio’s multi-disciplinary teams investigate themes of digitalization, process, optimization, constructability and performance — all facets of our philosophical delivery process. New to the publication is “Dialog”, a roundtable-type discussion that pulls prevalent industry ideas into the conversation. At the Studio’s core, and in this edition of “Dialog,” is a commitment to furthering design development and experimentation.


Chapter 1 | 3D Prototyping
The 21st century tool for communicating architectural concepts, form and scale.

Chapter 2 | Water Simulation Using RealFlow
How a physics-based particle software program can provide preliminary testing results for building facade performance.

Chapter 3 | Looking Beyond the Screen: Exploring the Path from Digital to Physical
Analysis of the delivery process from the third dimension to built reality.


Chapter 4 | Collaborative Engineering: An Approach to Modern Curtainwall Development
Contemporizing the collaborative process of conceptual facade design.

Chapter 5 | The Design-Assist Process: Unique Solutions through the Hybridization of Cultures and Knowledge
The complementary nature of once opposing fields of expertise.

Chapter 6 | Cost Estimating and Material Take-Offs
The data-centric side of parametric software: extracting quantities, lengths and weight.


Chapter 7 | Automation of Standard Curtainwall Calculations
Optimizing geometry, load and material for the pre-sale process.

Chapter 8 | Draining Complexity: Workflow for Drain Sizing Over Double-Curved Surfaces
An analysis of stormwater routing and buildup when paired with complex form.


Chapter 9 | What is the Future of Building Facades?
A collaborative dialog featuring the voices of leading architects, consultants, manufacturers and builders about the diverse opportunities presented by the building skin.


Chapter 10 | Curtainwall: Metaphor or Transmaterialization?
The influence of hanging textiles on modern curtainwall design.

Chapter 11 | CG Facade Installation Strategies
The pursuit of on-site efficiency through advanced visualization.

Chapter 12 | Concept to Reality: Collaborative Parametric Workflow for a Free-Form Double-Curved Cable Structure
The interoperability of 3D models shared by an entire project team.


Chapter 13 | Blast Performance of Non-Captured Structurally Glazed Insulated Glass Units
The architectural progression of blast-resistant curtainwall design.

Chapter 14 | Performative Shading Design
The co-existence of glare prevention and natural daylight.

Chapter 15 | High-Performance Facades
Navigating the minefield of definitions, performance attributes and metrics of high-performance building facades.