The Spheres Recipient of Interiors Awards 2019 – Large Office

Friday, January 25, 2019

Contract magazine has announced its 40th Annual Interiors Awards winners, including the Amazon Spheres by NBBJ in the large office category.  Since completion in 2018, the three connected geodesic-shaped domes have become Seattle’s main attraction. The Spheres were designed as an alternate working space that would mimic a rainforest and promote collaboration, productivity, and creativity for employees. It includes unique features like The Birdcage, which resembles a bird’s nest that can accommodate 3 to 4 employees for meetings. The “treehouse-like” meeting space is home to about 40,000 plants and 400 different species from around the world.

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Mega-Frame Installation

Time-lapse video shows the mega-frame lifts that used creative counterweight techniques to pivot the 105 large pentagonal assemblies of steel, aluminum, and glass from flat, to their final orientation.

Enclos provided design-assist and construction services for the facade, culminating in the installation of 2,643 glass units on the 105 large pentagonal hexecontahedron-shaped mega-frames.