Job Openings

Structural Engineering Internship
Eagan, Minnesota, United States - 55121

Position Summary

The summer internship at Enclos is a 10-12 week program where the intern learns about the various Enclos engineering processes while focusing on monumental building projects.

About Enclos

Enclos is the premier facade contractor in the United States, providing design, engineering, fabrication, and assembly services for custom curtainwall systems. Projects include the World Trade Transit Center in New York City, the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC, and the Las Vegas Raiders Stadium in Las Vegas.

Internship Details

  • The Internship program will provide: training in structural analysis and CAD programs, real world experience, and knowledge of facade design.
  • The internship starts with two weeks of onboarding, learning about curtainwall facade design concepts, meeting people from a variety of different departments, and overviews of how the company operates.
  • Following the initial training, the program delves into the main aspects of Structural Engineering at Enclos; facade loading requirements, industry reference materials, building and facade system movements, and basic structural engineering analysis such as allowable stress calculation, member moment and deflection evaluation, and connection/anchorage design.
  • The intern will learn each aspect in weekly segments; the concepts, processes, and software involved. As the intern gains experience in each of the aspects, they will apply skills to project work.
  • The intern will be given access to project, department, and specialist team meetings to gain real world industry insight.
  • Towards the end of the internship, the intern will have the opportunity to utilize the skills gained in support of a current project under the supervision of a P.E.
  • After completion of the summer internship, there is a potential for part-time work while finishing a degree, or a full-time position after graduation.